PAC will not hold rallies – Mulao

 PAC will not hold rallies – Mulao

People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) presidential running mate Gerald Mulao has said the party will not hold any political rallies during campaigns in view of the confirmed third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Mulao who is also party secretary general said PAC will not subject electorates to rallies which may expose them to infections as rallies are super spreaders of the Covid-19.

Speaking during a political party’s engagement meeting organized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Mr Mulao said the party takes interest in the preservation of life and health of the people.

“PAC will do the correct thing contrary to other parties excited with the holding of campaign rallies at the expense of exposing the people who are supposed to vote them into office to Covid-19 infections, I pledge that we are not going to have rallies, we don’t want to have our population split just because we want to go into power, therefore, we are going to have an effective campaign using other methods,” he said.

And Mr Mulao also advised the Zambia Police to do the correct thing during this period by ensuring adherence to the campaign schedules agreed upon in various jurisdictions.