College of Bishop commends Govt for balance appointments

 College of Bishop commends Govt for balance appointments

The College of Bishops of the Christian Coalition has commended Government for its efforts to balance up the appointments in various Government positions. 

The Coalition’s president Charles Mwape said that the appointments should not be based on tribal lines but should be based on qualification.

Professor Mwape said that people from Southern Province who are qualified should not be left behind because the president wants to balance all the tribes in Government positions.

He said that the country has seen President Hichilema’s commitment to end tribal appointments, but he should ensure that anyone qualified from Southern Province should be given the chance to serve.

“The Nation has seen the president’s commitment to appoint every tribe, but if people from the Southern Province are qualified, they should not be denied the opportunity to serve, because if qualified people are appointed the country will also benefit, the president should know that Zambians will always talk good and bad about various Government appointments,” he said.

Recently there has been an outcry from some sections of the general public concerning President Hichilema’s appointments, as some citizens have branded some appointments as unfair.

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