ZUNO against punitive Covid-19 measures

 ZUNO against punitive Covid-19 measures

Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) says workers unions in the country have resolved not to support the discriminatory punitive measures being advanced by government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

ZUNO General Secretary Fray Michelo, said the unions have since urged government to revist its decision.

Mr Michelo said the Unions have reminded government that implenting the laid down measures is an infringement on the human and workers rights.

Mr Michelo said the unions are only in support of mass senstization and not mandatory vaccination.

“Unions observed that government seemed to already have made a decision and only needed an endorsement from the unions, and unions were not aware of any road map by the government to prevent the fourth wave of Covid-19,”he said.

Mr Michelo also said the target of public service workers is not justified as they are only a small section of the whole population that is 200, 000 people against 17 Million.

Ealier this week, Government had put in place measures to protect the population from the fourth wave among them the need for all civil servants to be vaccinated.

And speaking at aCovid-19 update today, Health minister Sylvia Masebo said that the measures are not meant to harm the anyone but prevent further spread of the virus.

Ms Masebo retaliated that Governmrnt is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated but is encouraging the unvaccinated to get a jab.

She said that as the restriction have been announced Government has continued to hold consautations on the way forward especially restriction that have raised dust among Zambian.