ZRA told to go back to old ways of operations in stations

 ZRA told to go back to old ways of operations in stations

Some Bus operators in Chingola have called on the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to go back to their old system of operating in the station to enable all bus operators to pay their tax.

Brian Chola one of the Bus operators said that it was unfair for the ones who are paying ZRA while others are operating free without paying.

One of the bus operators said that ZRA should come back to station so they start paying on a diary basis rather than watching the colleagues operating without paying.

“We are operating under difficult conditions and business is very tough, so it unfair for some to some of us who are paying while others are not paying, at the same we pay ZRA accounts for the money even if the is bus is not in operational or it is at garage, so we feel like there are stealing from us because we cannot manage to be reporting every day,” he said.

Another bus operator Teddy Kapinga said it was easier for them to pay k10 every day rather than paying quarterly.

Mr Kapinga said that due to many buses in the station they have made a schedule on how to operate hence they work only for 15 days in a month but ZRA accounts for 30 days.

The bus operators have appealed to ZRA to better their clearance condition so that every bus operator can start paying the tax.