ZPC Suffers Another Violent Attack

 ZPC Suffers Another Violent Attack

By Stuff Writer
The battle for the control of Zambezi Portland Cement has continued to be fought outside the court despite the case being active in the Court of Appeals.

On Tuesday a group of youths commanded by Jimmy Kalunga and Eddie Rodriguez stormed the ZPC offices where they destroyed company property and stoned vehicles belonging to the company employees.

ZPC Chief Executive Officer Gomeli Litana said Jimmy Kalunga has been working under the instructions of Finsbury Investment owner Raja Mahtani who has failed to accept that the courts have continued to rule against him.

He said it is unfortunate that such lawlessness has been happening under the nose of law enforcement officers who have chosen to pay a blind eye.

“Jimmy Kalunga and Eddie Rodriguez are here again. They are leading some thugs who are throwing stones at the company property and destroying property. They have stoned vehicles belonging to our employees. These are being instigated by non-other than Raja Mahtani who doesn’t want to accept the status of the case in court.

“This is lawlessness and our enforcement officers who are suppose to stop this are paying a blind eye on it. We want to officially put it on record that these thugs are being led by Jimmy Kalunga who works for Mahtani and they are busy destroying property and stoning cars belonging to our workers.”

Litana also the police in the company of ruling UPND officials forced him to open all the containers and store rooms on suspicion that the company was keeping some PF party regalia.

About two weeks ago Mr Phestus Musonda and his counterpart Jimmy Kalunga along with 70 thugs defied Court Contempt procedures and attempted to takeover ZPC operations while the shareholders case is still very active at the Court of Appeal.

The duo together with their accomplices went to the plant were they tried to force their way into the plant with the intentions of taking over the operations at the plant.

The attached images show the property which was destroyed in the fracas.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.