Zesco: Over 600 million dollars nkongole?


Dear Editor,

How possible is it that through Zesco we are owing over $ 600 million for Mozambique power purchase?

Who consumed that power without paying for it?

If I paid for the power I consumed, which I did! Then where did the money go?

I was amazed to read in the papers and on the news that Zesco still owes that kind of money for the power purchased during our first load shedding.

I personally have a problem believing it because all households, commercial and industrial estates pay for the power they consume.

I believe Zesco owe the Zambian people an explanation of how that has come to be,

There is a dark cloud on this one, can they at least tell the nation what really has transpired before we start using South African power.

We need transparency!

If we all paid, where did the money go?

Sustainable Natural Resource Empowerment Initiative
Eugene Muelenga