Zesco, Kafubu water on 14 day ultimatum

 Zesco, Kafubu water on 14 day ultimatum

Chifubu Constituency Member of Parliament, Lloyd Lubozha has given Zesco limited and Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company a 14 day ultimatum to ensure power and water are connected to the newly constructed police post.

Mr Lubozha said power and water should not delay commissioning of the police post that has already been completed.

The lawmaker said this after inspecting the police post whose works started in 2018.

Mr Lubozha said he will engage both Zesco and Kafubu water and sanitation to ensure water and electricity are connected to the new building.

He said doing so will allow officers shift from a container where they are currently operating from.

Mr Lubozha further assured the officers that he will ensure electricity and water are connected to the police post, a situation he said will boost their morale.

The Chifubu Lawmaker expressed optimism that this will also result in enhanced security patrols in the area because officers will be working in a conducive environment.

And Chifubu police station officer in-charge, Machila Mweene said the works which started in 2018 will enable officers to work in a conducive environment..

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