ZEMA, Coperbelt firms donate to Chimfunshi

 ZEMA, Coperbelt firms donate to Chimfunshi

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZAMA) in collaboration with different stakeholders on the Copperbelt has donated assorted food items and cleaning materials to Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage.

ZEMA Manager Operations Fredrick Muyano said the agency mobilized its stakeholders to provide relief arising from the impact caused by the global pandemic as the wildlife has not been spared.

Mr Muyano said the donation was part of the celebration for World Environmental Day which stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment.

He said this year the Agency had celebrated in a unique way as the theme ‘Biodiversity Time for Nature’ reminds the world of how human beings are inseparable linked and dependent on nature for their existence and equality of life.

Mr Muyano said the day is aimed at bringing communities at the stage of promoting environmental protection and fostering partnerships for citizens to enjoy a safe and more fulfilment future.

He said it is important for humankind to provide a human face to the environmental matters through empowerment to wildlife orphanage.

Mr Muyano said the day continues to be used as a platform to stimulate attitude change towards environmental issues and advocate partnership which will ensure that all nations and people enjoy a safer and cleaner environment.

He said the country is endowed with rich biodiversity of wildlife, plants, fish and other organism hence the need to protect the species.

“The agency will continue to provide the necessary regulations and ensure that all stakeholders participate in the protection and management of our environment.

“I thank all the stakeholders that came on board after they were called on to assistant the orphanage,” he said.

And Chimfunshi Wildlife General Manager Innocent Mulenga was greatful for the gesture which has been done to Chimfunshi.

Mr Mulenga said the donation will go a long way for the Chimpanzees as they need a lot of support at the orphanage.

Among the stakeholders on board were Mulonga Water, Konkola Copper Mines, NFCA, Neelkaith, Chibuluma Mine, Kitwe City Council and more stakeholders thay are still sending in their donations.

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