ZCSA lifts suspension imposed on Aquasavana Plus drinking water

 ZCSA lifts suspension imposed on Aquasavana Plus drinking water

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has lifted the suspension imposed on the production and supply of Aquasavana Plus brand packaged drinking water produced by Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia (CBZ)

This was after the company addressed the concerns raised by the Agency.

ZCSA Communications Officer Caroline Kalombe said they suspended the production and sale of packaged Aquasavana Plus and seized on site all affected batches for the Aquasavana Plus brand and ordered the company to carry out a public recall of all the affected batches.

Ms Kalombe said the agency has lifted the suspension on the production of the said brand of aquasavana after CBZ implemented satisfactory corrective and preventive actions.

She said the agency has also urged CBZ to ensure that the highest standards of both quality and safety of the product are maintained at all times.

“The Agency is advising all producers of products that are covered under mandatory standards to ensure they adhere to the requirements stipulated in the applicable standards, as well as all administrative requirements to ensure they are making products which are safe for consumption and the environment,” she said.

Alice Nachilembe


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