Zamtel spends Valentine’s with UTH’s Mothers and Newborns

 Zamtel spends Valentine’s with UTH’s Mothers and Newborns

Zamtel celebrated the spirit of Valentine’s Day by donating Blankets and Linen to the University Teaching Hospital’s Mother and Newborn Hospital in Lusaka.

The company donated 100 Blankets and 100 pieces of linen valued at K200,000 to Maternity Ward BO1 (Zamtel Ward) which the company adopted and refurbished last year.

Zamtel spent K550,00 to refurbish the facility last year.

Zamtel Corporate Affairs Manager Chibeza Ngoma handed over the donated items to UTH Mother and Newborn Hospital Acting Senior Medical Superintendent Dr Selia Nganjo in Lusaka.

In his remarks, Mr Ngoma commended the Zambian Government for the strides it is making in improving the health sector.

He said Government through the Ministry of Health has been making various efforts to improve the health outcomes of the Zambian people.

Mr Ngoma cited the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka as one of the facilities which has received high levels of investment in infrastructure development.

He said the interventions at UTH have seen an improvement in the general work attitude of health workers at the facility.

“Zamtel, as an indigenous company, we will continue investing back into this country and we have identified the health sector as one area where our CSR programmes will largely be focused on. We continue working with the Ministry of Health to identify critical areas where we could always lend a hand. This year, this partnership is set to continue and there will be more partnerships around the health sector that we will be announcing,” Mr Ngoma said.

And receiving the donation, UTH Mother and Newborn Hospital Acting Senior Medical Superintendent Dr Selia Nganjo commended Zamtel for its continued support to UTH.

Dr Ng’anjo said the donation is timely as the blankets and linen will help the patients in their healing process especially that winter is around the corner.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Health, I would like to thank Zamtel for coming to support us in providing quality care for our women. We also thank you that you have adopted Ward BO1 which is now called Zamtel ward and I would like to say that BO1 is really looking beautiful, it has really received an uplift,” Dr Ng’anjo said.

“Proving quality health care goes beyond the medicines, it also the provision of comfort and a clean environment and also the warmth that good linen donated today brings,” she said.

Dr Ng’anjo said making the donation on Valentine’s Day shows that Zamtel is a true friend of UTH and ready to show love and care on such a special day.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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