Zamtel embarks on re-organisation, targets efficiency, cost reduction

By Staff Writer
Zamtel has embarked on re-organisation targets efficiency and cost reduction and it has made progress in implementing the re-organisation exercise.

The exercise which started in the year 2019, with the approval of the Shareholder, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is aimed at improving organizational efficiency.

Board Chairperson Danny Luswili said the process is key to achieving the goal of transforming Zamtel into a leading digital service provider.

He said this will also improve its ability to create value for customers and remain competitive.

Mr Luswili, said, progress has already been made with the merging of some departments and the outsourcing of some functions

He said the company has also ensured that all staff affected reorganisation are paid their full packages, and further facilitated training in entrepreneurship and post work training.

IDC Group CEO Mr Mateyo Kaluba has expressed confidence in the handling of the reorganization the Board and Management of Zamtel.

Mr Kaluba said ZAMTEL has finally turned a new page which allows it to focus on becoming the leading network provider in the country.

“Zamtel faced challenges in providing a high-quality service, meeting its obligations as they fall due and securing the financing for its growth due to a cost-heavy structure and business model. We are confident that the reorganization that had been undertaken with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport and Communication will result in a strong company that will deliver the quality of service that its customers deserve”, he said.

Mr Kaluba said through the reforms implemented, over $390m has been cleared from the Zamtel balance sheet, there opening a new page for the company.

He said the creation of Infratel Corporation Limited from the rationalization of sharable telecommunication and ICT infrastructure will maximize the value of the infrastructure, cut down on duplication of investments in shareable infrastructure across state owned enterprises.

Mr Kaluba said Infratel Corporation Limited will offer its services to both private and public enterprises there providing a world of opportunities in the digital world to small and medium Zambian enterprises.

He commended the Board of Directors and Management of Zamtel for their resolve and hard work in driving the reorganization agenda and expressed confidence that Zamtel was well on its way to becoming a profitable business.

He also dismissed reports that the IDC had sold Zamtel urging members of the public to disregard such reports with contempt.

This is contained in a statement issued Zamtel Head of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations Department Reuben Kamanga

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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