ZamPost buses in Chingola, a nuisance

 ZamPost buses in Chingola, a nuisance

Dear Editor,

I’m a disappointed motorist that the authority in Chingola has allowed Zampost to be parking its luxury coaches on the middle of Town with impunity.

Where are the Council, Traffic Police, Road Safety and Transport Agency (RTSA) to allow such a nuisance of parking two long buses in Town?

Chingola Town Centre has very limited space and bringing such long buses is an inconvenience to other motorists.

There is information that one bus leaves at 06:00 hrs, another at 10:00 hrs and the third they say is for advertising but each time I pass through there I always find the two buses.

Let them park elsewhere and let the authority do their job.

Victor Mpundu
Concerned Motorist

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