Zambia’s constitution shall continue having amendment

 Zambia’s constitution shall continue having amendment
Dear Editor, 
I foresee the Zambian Constitution to continue undergoing amendments year in year out because the legislators we send to parliament stop looking at the nation at large when bills are presented to parliament for debates but at their political party positions.
That is why we make Constitution amendments to block or negate those at the other side of the anti hill but find ourselves wanting by the same amendments later on. The case of G12 school certificate should be an eye open for the would be parliamentarians.
If indeed we were looking at the big picture of the Country at large, all these lacunae could by now be something of the past because they could have been dealt with once and for all.
If not for greediness or fear, why should we have a good proposal of Ministers to be appointed out of parliament be thrown out by our parliamentarians then? This could have made the Ministers perform above board because their allegiance could have been to the people of Zambia and not any single political party
It is therefore high time that our legislators take the interest of the nation at heart against their own so that we make strides as a nation than these yearly amendments that actually become very costly us Zambians because they are done at a cost.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

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