Zambians want change-Chipoka

 Zambians want change-Chipoka

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chingola Constituency parliamentary candidate Chipoka Mulenga says residents in Chingola have been welcoming them during their door to door campaigns.

Mr Mulenga said the door to door campaigns are moving very well and has commended the police in the district for allowing the UPND conduct their campaigns without any interference.

“The PF are saying that they will reduce road when re-elected, and that is one of their campaign messages, why can’t they reduce the taxes now, because as far as we are concerned they are still in power,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said that residents of Chingola and Zambians at large can no longer be lied to with cheap campaign promises because all they want is change of government

“The PF government yes have constructed roads, and we are grateful, but that was the vision of the late President Michael Sata, show us what you have done in the past five years aside the construction of infrastructure which has actually indebted the country because the roads were built using the national treasury,” he said.

Mr Mulenga also called on Zambians not to be gullible by believing that the PF will deliver when re-elected, when there is nothing to show for in the past five years they have been in power.

“The residents of Chingola and Zambians want change, and that can be seen with how they welcome us, UPND is popular and the residents are speaking for us, change is evident,” he said.

Mr Mulenga challenged the PF government to settle the debts that most civic servants have accumulated, to show good governance.

“All governments during elections, try to reduce the prices of essential commodities, the cost of living, and hospitals are equipped with medicines, which is not the case with this government, if doctors try to speak out they are silenced, is this the government that you the people of Zambia want to have? Zambians wake up and act right”, he said.