Zambians urged to remain united as the country votes tomorrow

 Zambians urged to remain united as the country votes tomorrow

The College of Bishops of the Christian coalition of Zambia has encouraged Zambians to remain united, peaceful as the country votes tomorrow.

Coalition President Charles Mwape said that Thursday polls should not divide Zambians, families and communities, but rather the elections should strengthen democracy.

Professor Mwape has since commended the Democratic Party, the Socialist party, and the people’s alliance for change for bringing issue based politics and urged other political parties to emulate the act.

“We wish to ask electorates to turn out in numbers to vote in the 12 August polls so that the declaration of Zambia can be defended as Zambia turns 30 since it was declared as a Christian nation, Christians must not risk this declaration remove and have the country turn into a secular nation,” he said.

Professor Mwape has since called on Zambians to maintain the standard of governance of changing government after 20 years in power.

He said that if the PF is maintained in office after tomorrow’s polls, this decision will enable them to complete all the developmental projects that they embarked on.