Zambians launch ‘No go Tekno’ campaign

 Zambians launch ‘No go Tekno’ campaign

Zambians are planning to launch a ‘No go campaign’ aimed at stopping a Nigerian Rapper Teckno from performing in Zambia.

According to the Organizers of the Campaign Boss Ross says it is unfortunate that the Nigerian Rapper insulted Mwila Musonda AKA Slap Dee for refusing to open for the Nigerian singer.

Slap Dee, Zambias most celebrated Hip – Hop Artist refused to open up for the Nigerian singer after he was offered a K7,000 for the show.

Slap Dee turned down the offer saying, the Zambian promoters were not promoting the Music Industry but outside Nationals.

Teckno is slated to be in Zambia to perform and he is being paid K500,000 for a day to perform while slap Dee was going to be paid a K7,000 which he refused.

But in a turn of event, it is Marck 2 who is also a Hip Hop artist accepted to open for the artist at the amount of K7,000 his “rival” Slap Dee refused.

But a Nigerian Rapper took it to twitter to insult Slap Dee and called him a broke ‘Ass’ who can not go international because of his behavior.

Meanwhile Zambian fans say tekno must not be allowed in the country for disrespecting a Zambian local artist/Cheke FM.

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