Zambians commended for exercising democratic right to vote

 Zambians commended for exercising democratic right to vote

Patriotic Front Losing candidate Michelle Kazala has sent a message, congratulating the President Elect Hakainde Hichilema and wished him well in his Leadership.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the Patriotic Front Party under the leadership President Edgar Lungu. I am grateful for the adoption and according me the opportunity to engage with the great people of Chingola during my campaign in a bid to win them over at the polls.

“I want to thank all my supporters, my fans, followers and sympathizers for standing with me during the process. We played our part well and I am proud to have been part of this democratic process,” she said.

She said the last four months have been an amazing experience and a great journey.

Ms Kazala congratulated to her political counterpart Chipoka Mulenga who won the Chingola Parliamentary seat.

“Thank you for the opportunity to share and debate, I appreciate the growth that came out of it.  Please deliver for all of us in Chingola. You and I know the task that lies ahead.  I wish you well as you serve the people of Chingola.

“To my supporters let me remind you of my pledge to work for everyone including those who’s didn’t vote for me, I request at this point that we all offer our support to our 7th Republican President, she said.