Zambians can run the mines-CAPAH

 Zambians can run the mines-CAPAH

The Coalition of African Parliamentarians against HIV and AIDS (CAPAH) has commended Konkola Copper Mines Nchanga open pit for having a safe underground environment.

Speaking after the tour, one of the CAPAH Members Professor Nkandu Luo says that KCM should rethink in the running of the mines as Zambians are capable of investing in KCM.

Prof Luo said her experience during the tour makes her wonder why most Zambians keep saying the mine needs investors when there are competent miners operating in the mine.

“I did not see any foreigners’ underground which is a sign that Zambians can run the mine, That is why Government officials need to visit the mines and see the potential in the local miners, Government should also look into the introduction of shares to give opportunities  so that Zambians can raise money and invest in the mine,” she said.

Prof Luo has also said that there are some concerns when it comes to the mining environment where health matters are concerned.

She said in as much as the CAPAH looks at the affairs of HIV and AIDS there is need to take keen interest in the health matters.

Prof Luo said miners need to be protected from diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB) and other mine related diseases as they execute their duties.

She said that CAPAH is now challenged to take interest in all the affairs of Zambians.

And Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Elijah Muchima said miners are working hard doing a commendable job for the people hence the need to appreciate them.

Mr Muchima said one can only appreciate the works in the mine if only they witness it with their own eyes and the experience underground to how committed underground miners are.

And KCM Acting CEO Enock Mponda said as Government looks for a solution to the issues in the mine, management will be freely showing Parliamentarians the operations of the mine.

He said it is so exciting to have past and present Members of Parliament at mines to appreciate the works that KCM is doing, led by the Deputy Speaker of the national assembly to appreciate the works and challenges in the mine.

He said that they believe that whatever solution Government is sourcing for will be of benefit to the majority Zambians.

And Head of Delegation Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Malungo Chisangano said that the tour is important Parliamentarians when it comes to issues concerning the mines.

Ms Chisangano called on the Member of Parliament that was present to ensure that they share the acquired knowledge to other Parliamentarians for productive debates concerning the mines.

She said that this will also improve the mining activities in the country and will in better results when the mining bills are brought up in Parliament.

Ms Chisangano implored MPs that were present to actively participate in issues concerning mines as they have what to base their arguments on practically.

Among those present were Prof Nkandu Luo, Jean Kapata, and Elijah Muchima, Minister of Lands and Mineral resources.