Zambians based in UK celebrate President Hichilema’s inauguration

 Zambians based in UK celebrate President Hichilema’s inauguration

Scores of Zambians based in the United Kingdom on Tuesday joined Zambia in celebrating the historic
inauguration of the 7th President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency, Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

The visibly excited Zambians thronged the famous Hyde Park along Kensington High Street in Central London to watch the memorable inaugural ceremony of President Hichilema on their tablets and mobile phones.

And in an interview at Hyde Park, Margaret Buter, the first Zambian woman councilor for North Richmond Ward, (in North-West London) with the Conservative Party said Zambia is a diamond of Africa because of the peace and unity the country continues to show to other countries.

Buter said the only way Zambia can develop is through unity and working together.

“We celebrate President Hichilema and the Vice-President Mrs. Mutale Nalumango on their achievement. As Zambians in the Diaspora, we want to do everything possible to help development Zambia. We are also excited about the unity that is being shown in Zambia. Zambia is a peaceful and loving nation,” she said.

And Buter said the election of Her Honour the Vice-President Mrs Nalumango as the second woman vice president of Zambia should inspire other women to participate in politics and take up leadership positions.

Meanwhile UPND UK and Europe Club Publicity and Information Secretary, Mr. Nawa Sibongo has implored Zambians based in the UK to remain united for the development of Zambia.

“Following what President Hakainde Hichilema has been advocating, we as a people have decided to create a new beginning for Zambia, a unified beginning of rebuilding a united country. Whatever persuasion you come from; we must remain united. We must unify ourselves for the development of our country, “he said.

Mr. Sibongo said it was important that all Zambians hold hands and move forward together, because without unity, the country will not progress. “You and I are all Zambians, and we should all be patriotic to our country first. There is more that unites us as Zambians, than what divides us.”

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