Zambian youths are in China to lobby for Chinese partners

 Zambian youths are in China to lobby for Chinese partners

The Zambian Ambassador to China Winnie Chibesakaunda Natala has assured the Zambian delegation in China of her support to identify well established partners in China.

Ms Natala said she would help in identifying partners to twin up with the Zambian youths provided the youths remain united, disciplined and industrious towards a common goal of becoming employers.

She was speaking when the 32 youths from Zambia paid a courtesy call at the residence in China.

Ms Natala said it is time for the Zambian youths to learn the best practices from China and contribute to the country’s gross domestic products (GDP).

“I also advise other Zambian youths to take advantage of my office because I believe in an open door policy. The Zambian government currently enjoys a very good bilateral relationship a symbol of comradeship,” she said.

And Zambian Delegation leader Don Mungulube said the Zambian youths visiting China wants to be key players to turn around the Zambian economy by twinning up with the Chinese.

Mr Mungulube who is Copperbelt Patriotic Front Youth Chairperson, said Zambian youths wants to join in industrialization programs which has the potential to create empowerment among the youths who are future leaders for a better Zambia.

He said the purpose of the visit to the Zambian envoy in China was to lobby the High Commissioner to twin up Zambian youths to Chinese partners.

The youths are attending a Seminar in Beijing, China on Integrated Rural and Urban Development and Poverty Reduction for Zambia.

The program runs up to tomorrow, October 4, 2019.

During their official stay in China, the 32 youths from Zambia visited several industrial sites and other Provinces of China.

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