Zambian politician isn’t answerable because he buys the vote

 Zambian politician isn’t answerable because he buys the vote

By Bernard Mwila
On voting day, many won’t vote unless they are paid. What do they expect in the future?  What right does a voter have against a politician who has bought his vote? 

We’ve tried to educate the voter but they see voting time as eating season.

Politicians look for business men to support them (findlays). What’s the quid pro quo? Support in government contracts. A politician eats his share, the public took their share long before elections.

Corruption has permeated in our social life as well.  Both the church and our Chiefs solicit and accepts donations without questioning.

They don’t care whether it’s from corrupt politicians or drug dealers.  It is like the money gets sanitised by God once it reaches holy hands.

We pay the police to avoid fines. We pay for the services to speed up and we pay for the files to undisapear.  A bribe is easily accessible than a normal procedure.

It’s acceptable now for girls to exchange their bodies (sexual gifts) for financial sponsors and families are OK with it.

We pay for watchmen to create and reserve parking spaces for us.

We should Change!  Our children will curse our existence of this rot continue!

Chishimba Kambwili treks between court and home simply because he has denounced corruption!

The author is an NDC Copperbelt Youth Chair.

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