Zambian music needs to outgrow XYZ and Kopala Swag music labels

 Zambian music needs to outgrow XYZ and Kopala Swag music labels

Dear Editor,

With the current state of the Zambian Hip-hop industry, a Zambian rapper can’t win a Grammy award if they aren’t signed on XYZ or Kopala Swag (Alpha Entertainment) music labels.

Nobody will give a fuck and it’s not that I’m hating or anything but as long as we don’t outgrow the whole XYZ/Kopala Swag era, the Zambian Hip-hop industry will not grow.

Hate me for saying this if you want but deep down you know it’s true. Think about it, how many rappers drop albums every year yet they nominate the same people, they even reach the extent of nominating someone for album of the year when the album didn’t even drop at shows and concerts.

You find the same people, anything to do with hiphop it’s always the same people, I can bet you the next Zambian Artist to go to Coke Studio will be from one of the two camps.

I got non but love for these guys but if we don’t outgrow their era, we’ll remain stagnant till they retire and that’s a fact.

Concerned Rapper
Kaylo ZM

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