Zambian medical Doctors refuse to work on Sunday

The Residents’ Doctors Association of Zambia RDAZ has objected to a Ministry of Health directive for their Members at the University Teaching Hospital-UTH-to be reporting for work on Sundays.

In an internal circular dated August 8, 2018 under the subject “ward rounds on Sundays” the doctors have argued that they are human beings who are equally endowed with human rights and they are entitled to a period of rest like any other noble profession.

The Doctors have stated that Sundays will continue to be covered by the doctors on call and patients that require reviews will be reviewed by the doctors on call as the practice in the past.

The Doctors further maintained that Sundays will remain a day of rest and worship as prescribed for by the terms and condition of the service for the public by which any changes so that should be provided for by the act of parliament directed to all civil servants.

The letter has been signed by RDAZ UTH SECRETARY General Dr Zulu and Dr Tolopu, the RDAZ the Association president at UTH.

Not long ago, Zambian Doctors opposed a Government directive that sought to prevent them from offering their services to private Health Institutions when off duty from the Government owned Health Institutions.

According to Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary DR. Kennedy MALAMA, it was observed that Some Doctors employed by Central government were spending more time in private Clincs at the expense of providing the same services to patients admitted to Government run Hospitals and Clinics.

The Zambia Medical Association Secretary General DR. Francis MUPETA, however said that the association will not be in support of any of their member who will “steal” government manhours when he or she shun duty to offer his services to a private Clinc when he or she is supposed to be on duty at a government Health Centre.

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