Zambia, Zimbabwe curiously awaits completion of Kariba Dam works-Nkhuwa

 Zambia, Zimbabwe curiously awaits completion of Kariba Dam works-Nkhuwa

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa said Zambia and Zimbabwe are curiously looking forward to completion of these works and final commissioning of a completed Plunge Pool and Refurbished Spillway.

Mr Nkhuwa said all parties that have roles to play in the implementation of this prestigious project,  need to continue to do what is best in the execution of various responsibilities to ensure that the envisaged time-lines to completion are met without further slippages in the programs of implementation.

The Minister who is Chairperson of the Council of ministers for the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) was speaking this morning May 6, 2021 in Siavonga at the high-level tour of the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project (KDRP).

The high level delegation include minister of energy and power development Zimbabwe and co-chairperson of council of ministers for the Zambezi River Authority Zhemu Soda, Ambassador for the European Union delegation to Zambia and Comesa Jacek Jankowski among others.

“It gives me great pleasure to be here with you at this occasion to appreciate the progress and challenges on the rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam, which is a very strategic infrastructure for our two Countries, that is, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“This project, as we all know, is aimed at enhancing the structural integrity of the dam which has served the peoples of the two Republics for the past 60 years. The success story scored so far on this project calls for a heartfelt acknowledgement and applauding of the generous project funders, namely: the African Development Bank, the European Union, the Swedish Embassy, and the World Bank. On behalf of the two Contracting States, we continue to be grateful for your unwavering support,” he said.

He said he was pleased with ZRA Chief Executive Officer for a very concise and clear presentation of the progress in the implementation of the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project.

The other area was the landmark resolution that had been made regarding facilitation of the Plunge Pool Contractor working on the Cofferdam construction.

“Of particular note is the flexibility accorded by my Zimbabwe counterpart, Minister of Energy and Power Development in agreeing to the shutting down of the two Turbines, Number 5 and 6 of the Kariba South Bank Power Station, in order to allow the works to be carried out in a safe environment. It is important to note that, the shutdown has come at a time when the power demand in the country is at its highest.

“Indeed, this all speaks to the high-level respect of the provisions of the “Protocol Regarding the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project” that our two Governments signed in June/July 2014, prior to commencement of the project. I am informed that there is need for more funding to support the 6 hours’ shutdown as well as additional works. I am also well informed that this was discussed with the financiers at Project Steering Committee level and financiers committed to support. As such, I wish to urge our cooperating partners on this Project to consider providing additional funding to facilitate the completion of the Works. It is my hope that as we visit the construction site later today, we will have full appreciation of the works,” he said.


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