Zambia, UK sign cooperation agreement

 Zambia, UK sign cooperation agreement

Minister for Africa, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Vicky Ford has said the UK will support the Zambian government’s return to a position of debt sustainability.

Ms Ford said this is so that the country can grow its economy, attract investors and create jobs.

Ms Ford said the UK Government believes that Zambia’s strategically located position, history of good financial regulation and the skills of its people can allow it to become a future trader and investment hub for the wider Southern African region.

“In the week of the COP26, we re-enforced our commitment to green economic development, development that supports our climate ambitions and protects Zambia’s precious national assets, like its wildlife and forests. There are economic changes to overcome, the UK will support your government’s return to a position of debt sustainability, so that Zambia can grow its economy, attract investors and jobs,” she said.

And Zambia’s Foreign Affairs minister and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo and Ms Ford, on 4th November 2021, signed a Green Growth Impact framework for cooperation agreement at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in London.

“We welcome the commitments that you have already made, to increase transparency and improve the operation of Government. And we recognize that you have also made moves within your first budget to improve the environment to both local and international investors and finally, this agreement reminds us of not leaving anybody behind. To ensure that every Zambian benefits from Zambia’s growth and economic development, we look forward to working closely with you and your government in the coming years towards an exciting future,” she said.

And on signing the Green Growth Impact framework for cooperation agreement, Minister Ford said the agreement signed symbolizes strengthening of both countries’ relationship.

She said it is their commitment to trade and investment for sustainable and long-term economic development.”

And Kakubo said the joint initiative between the Zambian and UK governments signifies the long friendship between the two countries.

“The economic frontier is now in the new government and our position is to front economic diplomacy and we are looking forward to the UK to being our frontliner partners in all this. Economic recovery as you have stated is key to Zambia’s economics recovery program. We are looking for jobs as a major statistic in our economic development, and key to this, of course, is the trade and investment that will happen between your government and the Zambian Government,” he said.

The Green Growth Impact framework represents a voluntary plan of action between the Government of Zambia and the United Kingdom to strengthen economic development and opportunities for both countries.

This is according to a statement issued to the Independent Observer by first secretary press and public relations at the Zambia high commission  in the UK Abigail Chaponda