Zambia Railway land in Mindolo not for sell

 Zambia Railway land in Mindolo not for sell

Kitwe City Council says the Zambia Railway line land in Kitwe’s Mindolo and garnet is not for sell as some people are demarcating the land.

KCC Public Relations Officer Nelly Nkolongo said that council has noted with concern that some people are demarcating and selling portions of Zambia Railway land.

Ms Nkolongo said their are doing it under the pretext of a project for construction of a 3.9 kilometers between Mindolo and Garneton in Kitwe.

“We would like to inform members of the general public that the project that was intended to relocate the railway line was cancelled by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. There is no such project like relocating the railway line and any one paying for the said land is doing it at owners risk,” she said.

She said council would like to urge Zambia Railways, the owner of the land, to protect its land and report any persons demarcating their land to Zambia Police for criminal trespass.

Ms Nkolongo also said institution can also apply to court to restrain any person from encroaching on the land.
She said that it is not the duty of the local authority to police company property as this is the responsibility of the owner.

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