Zambia pushing to become knowledge based society- NAQEZ

 Zambia pushing to become knowledge based society- NAQEZ

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) Executive Director Aaron Chansa says Computer Studies Teachers Association of Zambia (COSTAZ) has come at a critical time when Zambia is pushing into becoming a knowledge based Society.

Mr Chansa said many nations of the world are using ICTs as tools for education and for expanding national economies.

He said apart from providing a special platform for up skilling teachers of Computer Science In schools, colleges and Universities.

“We urge the new association to strongly advocate for an ICT policy in education. We need this policy to sit as our guide for Computer Studies in schools. Government will do very well to craft this policy as quickly as possible,” he said.

Mr Chansa has requested the Ministry of Education to make Computer Studies a standalone department in schools.
He said the subject is important to sit under Mathematics department.

Mr Chansa said NAQEZ is ready to partner with COSTAZ to push for a “one computer, one child policy “In Zambia.

He said the current situation where the average Computer / pupil ratio is at one computer against 200 pupils.

“NAQEZ encourages all Computer Studies teachers in Zambia to unite around COSTAZ and make sure that they collectively help to improve the terrible Computer Studies situation in Zambia,” he said.

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