Zambia not ready for national airline- CTPD

 Zambia not ready for national airline- CTPD


A National airline for Zambia is not feasible at the moment, is the finding of Center for Trade and policy Development (CTPD).

Lead-researcher National airline study Bright Chizonde said factors in the success and failure of National airlines and out of the 15 factors consider Zambia only met 3 positively.

Mr Chizonde said the models where taken from three African National Air lines Ethiopian, Malawian and South African Airways.

He said Zambia economy is relatively small with a GDP of less than 30billion dollars which cannot sustain a national Airline.

“He said Zambia Airways is likely to have a small market share of the regional and intercontinental market due to market competition. It is however likely to dominate the domestic market at the expense of private domestic airlines.”

“Government can finance the venture through borrowing or domestic resource mobilization. This is likely to lead to reduced expenditure towards social services or increase the debt burden on the Zambian tax payers, or both,” he said.

This was contained in a press stamen made available to The independent Observer.

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