Youths stand up and fight for mother Zambia

 Youths stand up and fight for mother Zambia

Dear Editor,

I don’t think there will ever be a good time for the youths to stand and fight for what rightfully belongs to them than this time.

If we don’t stand and fight for our mineral resources, land, freedom, peace and unity which our forefathers fought for us from colonialists nobody will and it will be too late for us.

These colonialists have come back in the name of investors. They own big lands, they control our mineral resources, they have built shopping malls and named them after their race.

I wonder if there’s a single Zambian out there who owns a mall in their country named Zambian mall. But here in Zambia we have given them freedom to build and name malls after their country.

If we don’t open our eyes today, 50 years from now these will become our colonial masters. Already they have begun to call us foreigners in our own land.

This is true because they own big lands, control our resources, have big malls that we can’t own. And they have named these malls after their own race in our own ountry. They have become untouchable. They freely exercise racism in our own country by directly abusing our workers and by indirectly naming the malls after their own race.

And the blind Zambians keep trickling to these malls when you can’t find them at a Zambian owned shop. We support them and turn they take our monies to their country through their Banks.

Already that shows how blind and unsupportive we are to our fellow Zambians. How many own Zamtel Sim cards? Very few, the majority owns either Airtel or MTN and these are all foreign companies that have come to kill, steal and to destroy our land.

Many of us feel proud and happy to go to Hungry Lion, Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Chinese Malls. These take our money away. We need to start supporting our own Zambians and it is through this that change will come.

Local Government Minister Charles Banda, Labour Joyce Nonde and Land Land Minister Jean Kapata are all old and they can’t look at Zambia in the next 50 years because they will be no more by that time.

This is the reason why they dont really care how they handle land matters. They can defend foreigners at the expense of a poor Zambian, they can tolerate injustice by foreigners because they are serving the interest of their bellies and not the interest of youths today and youth in the next 50 years. A Zambian struggles to own land even just a farm but for a foreign it is easy and direct. Chiefs have also fallen for the foreign trap.

Youths let’s support each other in the fight against colonialism and slavery. Let’s begin to protest when we see injustice like the one which happened to Miles Sampa. Let’s all rise and speak one Language. We need to unity like black Americans when there is an injustice in the land.

Let’s open our eyes and stand against politicians who don’t mean well to the country. Let’s stand and fight colonialism, tribalism, violence, slavery and hate speech together.

China might colonize Africa 50 years from looking at the pace they have invaded our continent. So the time to fight them is now and if they are destined to colonize African, let Zambia be the last country they will colonize.

We don’t want Zambia to be the first. And we can only stop it by fighting now.

Politicians are only interested in winning elections not serving our interest. You can tell by the way they do their politics. They use us youths as tools for violence, tools for hate speech, tools to preach tribalism but can’t empower us with land.

They want to use us as stepping stones to State House and Parliament so that they can amass wealth through bribery and corruption. That’s the reason why they have started serving the interest of foreigners because Balalyamo. They over price tenders without knowing that the same youths they were using for campaigns are the ones being affected.

Youths stand up for mother Zambia and say NO to tribalism, say NO to hate speech, say NO to violence, say NO to slavery, say NO to corruption.

We are championing for a visionary and youthful leadership with an interest and vision for Zambia like Dr KK whose interest was for the next generation not for his belly and family.

We will soon meet all Political Party Secretary Generals so that they can aveil their manifestos for 2021. We want to see the President that has the vision for this generation and the other generations to come.

The youths movement for change shall champion calls for political parties to adopt and appoint the young people into leadership positions and at the same time sensitising voters to be voting on merit.

We want people to start voting for candidates regardless of the political party they represent. We will also champion calls to shoot down non performing ministers and MP.

We will fight and conquer.

Elijah Temboh.

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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