Youths should emulate Dr Kaunda’s legacy of one Zambia One Nation- Mungulube

 Youths should emulate Dr Kaunda’s legacy of one Zambia One Nation- Mungulube

Patriotic Front Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chairperson Don Mungulube says Youths should take a leaf of discipline from Kenneth Kaunda’s life.

The Youth Boss said youths should take care of themselves if they have to live long like Dr Kaunda.

Mr Mungulube said today the nation celebrates Dr Kaunda’s life because he had the fear of the Lord, and he kept the saying that says ‘Sunga umukoshi ubulungu tabwashupa’ and youths should emulate his life because there is a lot to learn from him.

He said Dr Kaunda is a true example of how the youths should behave because his political life has been one of  disciplined in nature and he lived as a shining example for Zambia and the world at large.

“Even when Dr Kaunda  was not in active politics he  offered  mentorship in terms  of why we should remain one Zambia one nation and only through that we are able to retain meaningful development because a nation that is divided  cannot attain any development .

Mr Mungulube said that Dr Kaunda preached peace and unity through one Zambia one nation because what he valued was to see humanity living together.

He said Dr Kaunda’s Leadership was impressive across global.

Mr Mungulube said that youths should remain productive and be able to contribute to the economy of this nation.

He has called on all youths to be united and avoid violence especially this time when the country heads to the polls

And Mr Innocent Chishiba a Lecturer at Mindolo Ecumenical foundation said that despite the challenges that the youths are facing such as unemployment, they should emulate Dr Kaunda’s life and not be used as tools of violence by Politian.

Mr Chishimba said that youths should appreciate the love and peace they enjoy in this country because once they destroy it they end up being destitute.

He has urged the youths to embrace the peace and cherish it through one Zambia One Nation.


Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.