Your houses are like you’re shifting tomorrow-Nkhuwa

 Your houses are like you’re shifting tomorrow-Nkhuwa

…as he donates iron sheets, cement and mealie meal to families whose houses collapsed 

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew has told the community of Kafue Hippo Pool not to build houses like they are shifting the next day.

Speaking when he donated iron sheets, cement and mealie meal to the affected homes, Mr Nkhuwa said houses should have proper foundation.

Kafue Hippo Pool community had some houses that had collapsed following some rains prompting the local leadership and Nkhuwa to mobilise SOS.

But after inspecting the houses he discovered that houses had no foundation like the owners were shifting the following day.

What worried the the Law Marker the more was that the houses are made from unburnt bricks and the area is sandy.

Mr Nkhuwa said such houses are a death trap and residents should quickly begin building houses

He later donated 10×3.5 metres sets of iron sheets to each of the the 27 affected families, five pockets of cement to each of the 27 families and a pocket of mealie meal to the 27 plus each family in the area.

Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister also promised to supply building materials if the community can mould and burn the bricks for the school and the house for the teacher.

He implored the community to slash the area so that is it habitable.

His next stop was at Hellen area long Chililabombwe road.

The six affected families got the same donation of 10 iron sheets, five pockets of cement and a bag of mealie meal.

He told the community that whoever is going to mould and burn the bricks, he will supply cement and iron sheets as a pilot projects to encourage nicely built houses.

And in a vote of thanks Mulenga Kalima of Hippo Pool thanked Mr Nkhuwa for the gesture.

Mr Kalima said donation of food and building materials may have a limited time but teaching the children will be like teaching the community how to fish.

He implored the Minister to help the community build a decent school.

Mr Kalima eachoed Mr Nkhuwa’s words saying the people were living like nomads.

He said whoever would be found selling the iron sheets and cement must be arrested by the community and be taken to police.

Mr Nkhuwa was accompanied by Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo and Chingola District Commissioner Mary Chibesa who had initially visited the area for help and assessment and later invited their parliamentarian.

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