Yo Maps chokes Kokoliko FM airwaves

 Yo Maps chokes Kokoliko FM airwaves

By Bwale Mutanuka
The man of the moment ‘Yo Maps’ of the ‘Finally’ fame sent Kokoliko FM fans agog with his music charm when he stepped up on the Chiwempala’s Kaunda Square stage.

This was during the Kokoliko FM Radio road show to promote a youthful program called ‘Ishiwi.’

And the guest artist Yo Maps whose real names are Elton Mulenga, did not disappoint during the first of the Radio’s Road shows to fully put an inscription on the program.

Kokoliko Radio has a youthful program titled Ishiwi (the voice), or voice out loud, a program aimed at ensuring that youths air out their views using their voices.


The program is aired every Saturday from 13:00 hours to 14:00.

Kokoliko FM Ishiwi road show was held at Kaunda square in Chiwempala where man of the moment Yo Maps from Kabwe was the main artist.

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