Yaluma, a disappointment to Malole

 Yaluma, a disappointment to Malole

Dear Editor 

It is saddening to note that Mpanda area has not received any development in terms of road infrastructure.

Nothing has been done including the road from Nseluka up to Tunduma which has been given to a contractor.

The contractor for that road has been on site for two years now but almost nothing has been done for the people in Malole Northern side.

It is very worrying that even Chambeshi Bridge is also in a bad state where again nothing is being done.

We need development in Malole and Lubemba and we are pleading with our area Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma to go and supervise the works on those roads before rains come.

The access to the market is also a challenge resulting in farmers failing to ferry their farm produce.

We want Mr Yaluma to stop whatever you are doing in Lusaka and go to see developments in Mpanda area where you were voted for as MP!

Since TAZARA went on strike, many people have been stranded along that stretch hopelessly due to none availability of road when the train is not active.

The following roads in Mpanda urgently need attention, the Nseluka, Kayambi road up to Kajusila (Umusebo Wacitukutuku) which is more economical to the people in Mpanda.

(a)      Makasa – Mwenda Ofyo Road upto Sampa

(b)       Chanda – Weyanga – Chanda Mali Road

(c)       Changala – Kafusha Road

(d)       Makasa – Ndakala Road

(e)       Namutimbi – Makasa – Kayambi Road

(f)        All roads along Chambeshi in Makasa chiefdom not graded.

Malole Constituency is found in Mungwi district catering both Mpanda and Lubemba Chiefdoms.

Bwalya Lubumbe
Makasa Chiefdom


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