WYLF set for second phase youth training

 WYLF set for second phase youth training


World Youth and Leadership Foundation says they are set to begin the second phase of leadership and entrepreneurship mentorship training aimed at empowering women and youths with entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

The Foundation Director communication, monitoring and evaluation Valentina Daka said the second phase of Leadership and Entrepreneurship program will commence next month on 23rd of august 2021 in respect of the 12th august polls.

Mr Daka said that the second phase of training is aimed at empowering women and youths with Agriculture, leadership and psycho social counseling skills as a way to equip a positive mindset change in women and youths across the country.

He said the main target of the second phase is training 100 youths and women as opposed to our last month program which only Targeted 50 youths.

Mr Daka said that the organization is confident that the just ended training will turn women and youths into counselors that will restructure the mindset of youths in Zambia and raise a next productive generation of youths.

He said the organization is calling for partnership with the government and the international communities to help support this program so that it can help to inculcate a positive mindset in our fellow youths across the country.


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