World without a miniskirt would be boring

 World without a miniskirt would be boring

No window shopping to make

Nay, miniskirts keep men awake!

The spouse benefits too

Miniskirts make men docile

Aroused and poised to do

Menial jobs with a smile

Age and status aside

The pendulum swings side to side!

The miniskirt makes men fight

Presidential cordon broken through

Where security is water tight

For me and you
What world would this be

Without miniskirts women wear

Nothing enticing you and me

No samples laid bare

The miniskirt is a panacea

Sulking stops, wrinkles disappear!

Long live the miniskirt

Through it, I see God’s unsurpassed skills

Though men and women flirt

Butterflies know better thrills and spills

Blossoming flowers soon wither away

But Thee is here to stay.

The writer is the Poet, writing both in English and his native language Bemba.

He is also Head of Campus at ZAMIM in Chingola

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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