Works of Jesus church holds appreciatory service for Teachers

By Bwale Mutanuka
Works of Jesus Christ Ministries at the Chikola Worship Centre on Sunday held a Teacher’s appreciatory service where current and former teachers appreciated.

Speaking at the appreciatory service, Resident Reverend Clifford Chisha emphasized on the need to be thankful at all times.

Rev Chisha said Teachers are shapers of the future of the learners.

He said that Teachers appreciatory service was designed to appreciate teachers who have rendered their services diligently.

Focusing his sermon on Luke 17 vs 17 titled ‘Where are the other nine, he called for the need to appreciate people who have shaped the future of many.

Those appreciated were Ms Thelma Luanga from Lundatuta Primary School in Luapula Province, Mr Welani Nyirenda, from Maiteneke Secondary School, Annie Nyirenda from Maiteneke Secondary School, Dickson Mhango Maiteneke Secondary School, Mr Muchemwa Ng’ambi from from Maiteneke SecondaryMr Andrew Kaunda from East boundary School, Mr Clifford Mwila from East Boundary School, and Constance Bwalya from Chabanyama Basic School.

And speaking on behalf of all teachers who were appreciated Mr Muchemwa thanked the Church and the pastor for recognizing him and all the teachers that were appreciated.

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