Work hand in hand with the district leaders, youths urged

 Work hand in hand with the district leaders, youths urged


Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe has called on youths in the district to work hand in hand with the District Leaders to foster development.

Speaking during a youth dialogue held at Samfred Gardens, Mr Kang’ombe said the youths should ensure that they access the 10 percent which is included in the Constituency Development Fund for youths.

“Youths you need to be on top of things, you need to work with Councillors as every elected leader is there to serve the community,” he said

Mr Kang’ombe also called on Councillors in the district to involve the youths and the community at large in all the developmental projects that will be happening.

He said there is need to give the youths what they want, as they are the future leaders of the district and the country.

Mr Kang’ombe also retaliated that his office is open to every resident irrespective of political affiliation.

The Mayor also implored youths to be creative and help bring back play parks back to active.

He said that the Municipal Council will soon start to rejuvenate the play parks and will be open to the youths

Mr Kang’ombe was reacting to a comment from the participating youths that the district does not have play parks.

And the Mayor said that it is saddening that the youths are still appealing for play parks, he promised that works will commence soon so as to provide more recreational centers for various arts.

And Chingola Deputy Mayor Richard Kabwe said CDF sensitization is underway and the expected result is that the residents will be made aware of the disbursement will be done.

Mr Kabwe who is also Sekela ward Councilor appealed to the youths to avoid politicking the CDF disbursement.

And, Buntungwa ward Councillor Mathew Simukoko said garbage collecting in the ward is under control but residents do not want to deposit off garbage at the designated places.

In reacting to a question on how the blockage of sewer pipes will be dealt with, Mr Simukoko said the problem is historical and a long term solution will be seen in the next three months.

The youth interactive dialogue organized by Ishiwi was attended by Mayor Kang’ombe, Deputy Mayor Kabwe, Some Councilors from both constituencies and representatives from the District Health as well as youth groups.