Woman 81, bitten by dogs

 Woman 81, bitten by dogs

By Karen Mushenywa in Luanshya
An 81 year old woman of Luanshya is battling for her life in Thompson hospital after she was attacked by neighbours Boerboel dogs.

Lucia Chansa , 81, who lives with her daughter in Technical and Vocational Training College compound was attacked at her residence around 07:40 hours on Monday, June 29, 2020.

According to daughter, Mary Chiloshi, the dogs jumped over the fence and attacked her mother who suffered severe bites on the neck and right upper arm were her flesh was ripped off respectively.Woman 81, bitten by dogs

” My mother was sitting outside the house  sun basking when the neighbours two dogs jumped over the shallow wire fence and viciously attacked her, ripping off a piece of flesh from her neck and right upper arm” she said.

She went on to say that her mother bleed profusely and lost consciousnesses  as her blood vessels in the neck area had also been cut during the attack.

Ms Chiloshi said that her husband was among people who freed her mother and their had a hard time rescuing the old woman as the dogs had a firm grip on the victim and were out of control.

She also said that the dogs were left unsecured and that she had on several occasions asked her neighbours to get rid of them.

“This is not the first time the dogs have attacked someone,  four years ago another set of dogs from the same house  had again  attacked  my mother and he only swapped them and brought smaller ones when I complained,” she said.

Ms Chiloshi who called for the elimination of the dogs said the dogs had apart from the first attack on her mother, also attacked another neighbour in December last year.

And dog owner Park Mukombwe regretted the incident and said he could not defend his dogs.

Mr Mukombwe who is a college Business studies lecture however admitted having not vaccinated the dogs since last year.

And Luanshya District Commission Patrick Maipambe who visited the hospital and residence described the incidence as unfortunate.

Mr. Maipambe said that he was waiting for a report from the district veterinary office who have set a 10 day period to observe the dogs for rabies before any action was taken.

He said his office would engage the the local authority  to eliminate all stray and unsecured dogs  in TVTC and other areas  as there has been repeated reports of dog attacks.

The matter was reported to Luanshya Central police and the district veterinary office.


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