Withdraw soldiers guarding bags of maize in Chililabombwe-Govt told

 Withdraw soldiers guarding bags of maize in Chililabombwe-Govt told

People have called on President Edgar Lungu to withdraw the Zambia National Service soldiers that are guarding the smuggling of maize and mealie meal into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Reacting to FDD President Edith Nawakwi who said Zambia has failed to exploit the market in DRC, Malangiza Chaziya of Chingola said Ms Nawakwi had hit where it pains the most.

Mr Chaziya wonders why government has deployed ZNS officers to guard people from selling maize to Congo instead of seizing the business opportunity.

“Let all those ZNS officers get into some big farm and grow too much maize for sell in Zambia and we as civilians we can grow maize to send to Congo and all other places we want. We simply sitting on money and suffocating foreign exchange with the ever available market,” he said.

And Sylvester Mahuli thanked Ms Nawakwi for brining key issues that have led to retarded growth of the Zambian economy.

“Government has failed to exploit the market, only forcing people to sell to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). Look at the price of fertilizer now and but people are still selling their maize at K110 per 50kg bag,” he said.

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