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Dear Editor,

Loudly, I would like to dramatize the shameful act in Kaoma. Zambians must go back to high moral principle which we are known for.

This nation is rich with promise but sometimes I see thick fog in the night which we need to wait until it melts away.

The account of moral values is telling us that we have insufficient funds.

The general panoramic view of the history of the world has taught us that if we tolerate lawlessness it can shake or tear asunder the foundations of our existence as a nation.

History is a book of many pages and each day that passes we fill a page. When a breeze blows a page turns and history unfolds.

But then the question is what kind of history we are writing as individuals, as groups and as a nation.

Let’s see others as normal human beings not as targets for drilling holes in their heads with pistols.

Opportunity is here and now for all of us to be on that high beautiful plane of dignity and discipline.

Let’s pause for a minute and take stoke of ourselves and rediscover who we really are.

Senior citizenry and the clergy once again do it as you have done before.

Taking one’s life like that should be condemned seriously.

From planet Africa

Kolliam Ngwira