Why Melbet Is the Best Sports Betting Company in Zambia

 Why Melbet Is the Best Sports Betting Company in Zambia

The continued decrease in formal employment among the Zambian people continues to pose a big challenge, especially among the youth. Thanks to sports betting, a huge number of people are now able to find their daily bread.  However, the huge number of bookmarkers in the market makes it difficult for newcomers to choose the best betting company in the market.

Although Melbet is a relatively new betting company in Zambia, it is known for its incredible services. Unlike other betting companies in the market, they come with various sports events that you can make huge profits on. On average, you will find over 200 sports on this platform on a daily basis.

With an efficient set-up, friendly website and great designs, Melbet has proved to be one of the best betting platforms in Zambia and across Africa.

How to Get Started

The procedure is simple, go to https://melbet.co.zm using your computer browser or smartphone. At the top of the homepage, click on the registration button and choose your preferred registration method. Melbet provides you with an option to register using your phone number, social media account or email address.

Once you are in, you will realize that the platform has a friendly, simple and easy to understand layout. At the top of the main website, you will find links effectively directing you to the live betting, lottery, eSports, available bonuses, jackpot and gambling sections.  At the bottom, you will find the floating icon indicated as ‘live chat’ to help you get in touch with Melbet’s customer care representative for assistance.

What Makes Melbet Stand Out

High odds

When choosing a bookmarker, the first and most important thing to look at is odds. Remember, you are not betting just for fun but to increase your stake. Compared to other bookmarkers, Melbet has some of the highest odds on the market. Furthermore, Melbet has invested a lot to get you the best odd markers to get well-analyzed odds to give you the best returns.

Most bettors do not realize that the first thing to look at when analyzing an upcoming sport is odds. A team or player with significantly low odds has high chances of winning, and one with high odds has low chances of winning the match.

Multiple bonuses

While some sports enthusiasts bet for fan, most are in this industry to make money. Melbet has multiple bonuses lined up for both new and experienced bettors to make your betting experience fan and better. Melbet has bonuses in the form of a match upon first deposits as well as free bets.

One exciting thing about Melbet’s bonuses is that they have minimal wagering requirements making it easy for bettors to make them. You can get more information about Melbet’s wagering requirements on the platform’s official website. As a new player, you will get up to 300% match up for your initial deposit. To make use of your bonuses, all you have to do is place a bet of not less than 1.5 odds.

Reliable financial system

Melbet users have applauded the betting company for having an effective financial system. When you deposit funds to the company, you will not have to wait long before your money reflects on the website. Equally, once you win your bet and withdraw funds to your account, you will receive your money within minutes.

The betting company is well aware of the financial emergencies that occasionally hit its users. For this reason, Melbet took a deliberate effort to streamline its financial system. However, when you look through the reviews of other betting companies, many customers complain about their money taking too long before reaching their account.

Melbet mobile app

Melbet allows you not to miss out on any event, no matter where you are. Most Zambians are users of smartphones and so betting using a mobile phone is simple. Melbet is a stand-alone mobile app that supports both iOS and Android users. The app is straightforward to use. If your mobile phone is internet-enabled, go to playstore, search for the Melbet app and download the app.

Even without the app, you can still access the Melbet website from your mobile phone, which is equally effective as the bookie app. Signing up to Melbet via the app is similar to the desktop registration procedure. Download Melbet mobile app, sign up or log in and proceed to make money.

Livestreaming services

Melbet streaming services has earned excellent reviews from punters in the recent pasts. If you see an orange play button, it means the event has a live feed on it. Make the most out of this service using the latest Flash installed on your mobile phone or computer and a stable internet supply. With the live betting feature, you can place your bet on an ongoing event, especially when you are late.


Melbet presents a huge opportunity for both new and experienced punters to make huge profits out of betting. The procedure of signing up and using Melbet is simple. However, before getting yourself an account with this betting company, take your time to read and understand all the company’s terms and conditions. If used responsibly, online betting can be a profitable venture.

Why Melbet Is the Best Sports Betting Company in Zambia

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