Whoever misled the President on Roan must be fired

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The Patriotic Front members in Roan Constituency are demanding for axing of the person who misled the President into thinking Joel Chibuye can win Roan seat.

The new revelations from Roan lower structures is that they were detached from the campaigns which were happening in their bedroom.

They are saying that there was too much money in the campaigns but the campaign team hijacked the show and Bowman Lusambo had employed MMD type of politics of throwing money at residents like they were dogs, instead of giving them.

“You will be shocked to learn that the former District Commissioner never attended interviews at Constituency, District and we doubt if he did attend at the province. How he was adopted nobody knows. So Joel Chibuye was a product of the Central Committee and not us at the constituency.

“Even campaigns it was like we were forcing ourselves on it forgetting that we were the people with valid voters cards in Roan,” said the official.

They said Mr Chibuye was very unpopular and had made a lot of enemies in his line of duty when he was the DC.


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