Who does your inner circle think you are?

Tuesday Salutations with Antoneill Mutentwa
Last week I shared a quote attributed to Dr Martin Luther King Jr to the effect that shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from those of ill will.
Today, to help us understand the Wisdom in that saying, I refer to the scripture of Matthew 16:13-17.

In Matthew 16: 13-17 we hear Christ, asking His disciples “Who do men say that am?” v13.
The disciples gave varied answers.

And in verse 15 He turned to them and asked, “But who do you say that I am?”
This is exactly what Dr King meant.

It’s not what those outside your circle think of you but what those in your inner circle think, that will determine your success or otherwise.

This teaches us to ensure that those with us the need to know and understand our mission or goal from our perspective.

In the Security Services, to ensure that the order has been well understood, the recipient is made to repeat it before their superior. This is also how some of us were brought by our parents and elders, when being sent on an errand.

In some instances it is imperative to ask your acquaintances to explain their perception of you and your vision.

This is applicable in all spheres of human endeavor, family, marriage, leadership among others.

Communicate and have a Blessed week.


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