When leaders blend, sense of humour reigns

By Staff Writer
When leaders coordinate well and work together to champion the cause of Zambia sense of humour begin to rule thereby making the burden associated with leadership lighter.

Look at the one below between Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu and Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe.

Yesterday the duo called for a meeting to meet up parents who have children in government so that they can clearly explain the changes that government has made regarding payments in government schools.

It was here where Mr Mpundu took time joke with his fellow leader.

“I just had to introduce him to the parents because it’s too much of him getting my presents especially as we go towards Christmas. I meet parents asking how the village chicken tasted and I would immediately know they gave Christopher Kangombe. So in distinguishing the two of us .me am the lighter one. Please people get it am the lighter one.”

You wonder who really is the lighter one between the duo.