What was the criteria in selecting Abel Chungu?

Antonio Mourinho Mwanza writes;

I’m told that my younger brother Abel Chungu has won Best Stand Up Comedy Award at the this year’s Ngoma Awards shows.

From the comments on social media it seems most people don’t agree with the Ngoma Awards Committee’s decision.

It is clear that most people don’t believe that Brother Chungu does deserves the Award.

I don’t know the criteria the Ngoma Award Organising Committee used in their selection, equally I don’t know much about who is who in Zambian Comed.

However, from the reactions, it is clear that the majority commentators don’t agree with the Ngoma Awards Organising Committee decision on this particular award.

It’s not uncommon to see controversy with regards to Award shows, however, I feel it’s important for the Ngoma Award Organising Committee to come out clean and explain their decision.

Maybe after they give out their selection criteria the public might understand the rationale for their decision.

All in all, congratulations brother Abel for your victory.


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