What if HH, CK find common grounds? Chipoka Mulenga asks

 What if HH, CK find common grounds? Chipoka Mulenga asks

By Staff Writer
National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Spokesperson Chipoka Mulenga has advised George Sichula to behave like Bishop of church he claims to be.

Mr Mulenga said Mr Sichula should tame his excitement and avoid referring Chishimba Kambwili to a ‘Top Dog’ or as someone speaking with food in his mouth.

“This is malicious and insulting. Neither should he lie that Dr Kambwili has said anything ill of his counterpart president Hakainde Hichilema regarding the fallout from Alliance,” he said.

He corrected that Dr Kambwili has taken the misunderstanding within NDC as an internal matter and not dragging others into it.

Mr Mulenga said Dr Kambwili holds leaders in high regard especially Mr Hichilema whom he repeatedly refers to as his elder brother.

“Therefore, for George to peddle lies because of trying to find a fit for his feet is not only unreasonable but misguided excitement. Anyway, with time he will settle down. In trying to be relevant to the other camp, Sichula should not go on a path of disparaging Dr Kambwili because tomorrow might be different.

“What if HH and CK agree and reconsider working together, what will the people insulting CK today do?” He must refrain from use of derogatory language against a man that tried to revive his political fortunes when no one looked or considered him. It is actually bad display of character to insult leaders you served just because you differ on principal. This behavior makes new masters have even lesser trust in your moral fibre. You will do the same to them when fallout happens. We have seen this movie before. Sata was insulted by those that he gave jobs, they went on to insult others they saved, they are still insulting leaders. It is immoral,” he reminded.

He said Dr Kambwili’s political platform is way higher than that of George, therefore, if he wants to attract attention from him, it is wishful thinking.

“He is beneath Dr Kambwili and he will not be engaged. Therefore, my brother must rethink his attention strategies and sober up,” he said.

But Mr Sichula said the word ‘Top Dog’ is not an insult.

He said the word ‘Top Dog’ means someone who is good at what he does.

Mr Sichula said the phrase ‘Top Dog’ could have been paraphrased by a journalist because during his briefing he never used that word.

He reiterated that he is NDC Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson who has deiced to support the UPND Alliance.

“I have not defected to any political party and I have not been suspended. This tells you that we are simply supporting the UPND Alliance which the people of Zambia want,” he said.

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