We’ve impressive gender record-Zambia’s Envoy

By Kellys Kaunda in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Zambia has impressive gender equity and quality, Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita has told delegates to the 7th Africa Day International Conference.

Speaking in Ljubjna in Slovenia where the conference is taking place, Mr Mukwita said Zambia has demonstrated commitment to gender equity and equality under President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

He said that there are significant ministries and public offices in Zambia headed women, a development he said should suggest that not all is dark and gloom on the African continent.

“The Vice President is a woman; the Finance Minister is a woman; the Chief government Spokesperson and Minister of Information is a woman; the Chief Justice is a woman”, the ambassador recounted.

“This is a bright light on what is generally considered a dark chapter on Africa’s governance record”, the Zambian envoy added before he wound up his point followed an applause.

Mr Mukwita was contributing to the topic of the first session of the three-day conference, “Trust and Governance in a changing Global Order: Building Inclusive and Accountable Institutions for sustainable Development”.

In addition to appointing women to high public offices, President Lungu has championed the right of the girl child, which has led to a countrywide fight against early marriages.

The African Union has recognized these activities and acknowledged President Lungu as a fitting example of the role of political leadership in addressing one of the most topical issues confronting the African continent.

The 7th Africa Day International Conference is exploring major and topical development themes for purposes of informing the structure of policies that may underpin relations between Europe and Africa.

The conference is an initiative of the government of Slovenia and held under the auspices of the President of Slovenia. This year, the conference is taking place under the theme, “From Common Interests to Transformative Cooperation on Governance”.

On the second day of the conference, Mr Mukwita is expected to address a Slovenia business forum where the senior diplomat will be making a case for investment in Zambia in fulfillment of President Lungu’s economic diplomacy.

The writer is First Secretary for Press and Public Relations in Berlin Germany.



Zambia’s Envoy Anthony Mukwita and Dr Alex Vines, Head of the Africa program at the London Based Chatham House at the conference. Picture courtesy of the Zambian embassy in Berlin. Picture Courtesy of Zambian Embassy.

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