‘We’re not sending away anyone seeking Covid-19 vaccines’-KCM

 ‘We’re not sending away anyone seeking Covid-19 vaccines’-KCM

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has dispelled rumours that the Mine Hospitals are chasing away non miners wanting to receive covid-19 vaccine.

KCM General Manager or Corporate Affairs Shapi Shachinda said the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a national programme and no one will be discriminated from getting vaccinated at KCM Hospitals.

Reacting to post on The Independent Observer WhatsApp news forum, Mr Shachinda said the vaccination is open to all persons, whether miners or non-miners, contrary to insinuations that non-miners are being turned away.

He said all residents of Chingola and Chililabombwe are encouraged to go for vaccination within the stipulated hours.

“There was a misleading report that was posted on this forum to the effect that someone was denied a chance to receive a Covid-19 vaccine at the Konkola Mine Hospital in Chililabombwe. I would to dispel this misleading assertion. Investigations by our medical team, following that misleading report, have concluded that two people who went to the hospital on Tuesday (04.05.2021), late in the afternoon were not vaccinated but advised to go back the following day (5th May 2021).

“This was for the simple reason that one bottle of the vaccine is used on 10 people and it is not economical to open a bottle and use it on two people. A bottle of the vaccine once opened has to be used within six hours and after that the content goes to waste,” he said.

Mr Shachinda said KCM is only asking the member of the community to follow advice from medical personnel.

He said if anyone has some issues, they call KCM immediately or medical personnel at the two hospitals, Konkola and Nchanga South.

And Chingola District Health Director Davis Mwewa reiterated that the vaccine is open to anyone who wants to be vaccinated regardless if they are health workers or miners in this case.

Dr Mwewa said the person who turns anybody, is probably not aware that the health minister directed that anyone who seeks to be vaccinated ought not be turned away.





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