Weak leaders govern by threats-Bishop Chisala

 Weak leaders govern by threats-Bishop Chisala

Weak leaders will always resort to govern on threats, says Bishop Timothy Chisala.

On Sunday, during his fishing time at State House, President Edgar Lungu said

“If the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Police and other stake holders fail to handle the political violence we are experiencing, I will use my powers vested in me by the Zambian Constitution as commander in Chief to arrest the situation.”

But Bishop Chisala who is the General Overseer of All Nations Church International said political violence is a PF born baby.

He said the PF top leaders created gangs that are now threatening violence.

“Yes whilst enjoying his time fishing at State House, the President should be more comfortable and monitor what he says. Threats do not solve problems. It’s like using violence to solve and end violence, that can’t work. It is only weak leaders that will use it resort to govern on threats,” said Bishop Chisala.

“Last time I talked about disarming party cadres and no one listened. The ball falls on President Edgar Lungu as commander in chief. If the President can stop PF cadres, then violence will have no space in our country. The challenge is that PF cadres feel to be above the law. If they are not stopped, violence will just continue.”

He said the PF are fighting with the Zambian people.

Bishop Chisala said people are frustrated with the conduct of PF cadres.

“It is a fight between the people, ordinary citizens and the PF. The PF are the ones in the driving force. So it is the citizens that are retaliating and fighting back. This is why they say a hungry citizen is a danger to society. People are hungry with anger on their faces.”

“We have a responsibility to speak to the President to act without any emotions. We have nowhere to run to apart from the Head of State. So I call upon the President to act without any emotions and end this violence,” pleaded Bishop Chisala.

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