We will ensure PF wins the August polls-Kabimba

 We will ensure PF wins the August polls-Kabimba

Rainbow Party Secretary General Winter Kabimba says that the fundamental objective of the Memorandum of Understanding between their party and PF is to ensure that PF wins the August 12 elections.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Kabimba said that they have signed an MOU with the PF because it has the potential to win this year’s elections.

Mr Kabimba said that they have decided to partner with the Government of the day due to  developmental projects that they have done and what they are about to do if given a chance after the come August 12.

“In my view or our view we have decided to sign the MOU with PF because they have the capacity to win the elections, and at the same time its party full of experienced veteran   politicians who can deliver, “he said.

He said Rainbow party and the PF will do a lot of mobilization on the ground to make sure that PF is voted back into power.

Mr Kabimba said that the fact that PF is in Government does not give them the chance to relax but work hard so that they win the elections.

He said there is no champion in in football until the last whistle blows, no champion in politics until the last vote is counted hence the need for PF to work extra hard.

Mr Kabimba also said that violence should not be condoned at all costs because it spoils the political atmosphere and environment.

He has appealed to all political players to uphold peace in their campaigns so that the country can have free and fair elections and results can reflect on the choice of the Zambian people.